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Statement of Principles 

Belief that the strength of the United States of America lies in respecting the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and each State’s Constitution.

Belief in individual rights, private property rights, and freedom. Each individual’s ethnic and racial background is an example of the beauty of America’s diversity.

Belief in equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for all U.S. citizens, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or disability. Unity gives America its strength.

Belief that encouragement of responsible free enterprise and individual initiative is essential to America’s goal of equal opportunity, economic growth, and continued prosperity. Tax fairness and environmental regulatory certainty require all citizens to share equally in both the burdens and benefits of government.

Belief that government-supported tribal monopolies pose a serious threat to the established tenets of a market-based economy that have made America strong, competitive, and unified.

Belief in championing individual rights over group rights and special privilege.

Respect for the right of individuals and groups freely to assemble. We celebrate diversity under the equal protection of the law and support freedom of cultural and religious expression. Our primary purpose is to protect and defend the unity of America, supporting what brings us together and opposing the needless divisiveness created by flawed federal Indian policy.

Belief that the most effective, responsible, and responsive government at all levels is a representative government, which is closest to the People. The U.S. Constitution promises us a voice and a vote in the government that regulates and taxes us. The principle of “Consent of the Governed” must be upheld.

Belief that Americans must preserve and strengthen our national sovereignty by living together as One Nation, with emphasis on equal inclusion and acceptance of the diverse, multicultural heritages that comprise our country.  We should allow no tribal, foreign, or international agenda to negatively impact America or its way of life.

Finally, belief that One Nation United is a viable organization for informing citizens of these principles and their application to local, state, and federal governments so they may make informed and responsible decisions in the best interests of their family, local community, and nation.

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