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One Nation United is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c4), umbrella organization representing hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States.  Our membership is composed of individuals, families, industry associations, local governments, elected officials, property owner groups and small businesses, who have joined in a mutual effort to defend our constitutionally guaranteed property rights, free enterprise, and civil liberties.  We achieve our goals by lobbying for legislation, conducting public education campaigns, promoting citizen involvement in government decision-making, and engaging in litigation when necessary.


We are seeking to change the way the average American thinks about Indian policy so that public pressure is brought to bear upon our elected representatives.  We monitor federal and local agencies for actions that impact private property rights.  We inform our membership by means of newsletters and action alerts of pending legislation in Congress, significant legislative hearings, agency hearings, and important state or federal court rulings which set legal precedent.


One Nation United was formed in 1989 as United Property Owners in response to a federal lawsuit brought against the State of Washington and tens of thousands of beach property owners by sixteen Western Washington Indian Tribes, claiming treaty rights to take shellfish from all public and private tidelands around Puget Sound.  We intervened in the case as a formal party to defend private property rights and successfully protected the property owners against tribal incursions on their upland properties.  We became One Nation United in 2005.


Your participation in our efforts is a vital investment in bringing about fairness in federal Indian policy and protecting the property rights of all Americans.  We offer our membership updates on activities in Congress and around the country.  We provide  information, know-how, and opportunities to directly participate in lobbying elected officials, participating in community events, and communicating to the press.  All of these efforts and the active involvement of our members has caused our organization to be recognized by Congressional leadership as an effective advocate for bringing about fundamental change in federal Indian policy.

We are funded exclusively from the voluntary contributions of private individuals, organizations, and businesses who believe in the importance of promoting equality under the law for all citizens.  Your participation and financial support will help us continue to build a strong grass-roots network of concerned American citizens who, in turn, will help to bring a more balanced view on these important issues to local elected officials and members of Congress.

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Redmond, Washington 98073-3336
Phone: (425) 301-2943 Fax: (818) 827-3303
Email: Barba@tOneNationUnitedd.dorg